We are a not-for-profit grassroots organization run by people who know the issues of ADHD because we all have it. From the vision of Sandy Slade we have been working for over a year now to help people with and affected by ADHD in Prince Edward Island. Our group's mission is to support Islanders with ADHD and their loved ones through education, advocacy, and peer support. Our goal is not just to help each other survive, but to see our fellow ADHDers thrive!

Sandy Slade

Katie Rankin 

Veronica Jendrick

Pam Boutilier


Adult ADHD Support Group:

Our organization started with a weekly support group for adults with ADHD and that remains at the core of what we do. Our weekly meetings are open to people with ADHD, those who think they might have ADHD, loved ones of someone with ADHD and those who simply have questions about ADHD. We share support, resources and tips as well as providing an accepting environment where people with ADHD can feel comfortable. 

NOTE: In-person meetings have been suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to have our weekly support group meetings online using Zoom. Check out our Facebook Page for a link posted every Wednesday!


ADHD PEI maintains and ever growing list of resources related to ADHD. You can find the most recent list by following the 'Resources' link along the top bar.  

Parents' Support Group:

ADHD PEI is working on the development of a support group for parents of children with ADHD. 

Facebook Group:

ADHD PEI runs two Facebook groups. Our public facing page is 'ADHD PEI' and a private page called 'ADHD PEI Group'. The ADHD PEI Group is open to everyone whose life is touched by ADHD or who has an interest in ADHD. By keeping the page reserved for people with a vested interest in ADHD we are able to have more in-depth discussions and provide support for each other. 


ADHD PEI has a twitter page where we share relevant and fun information about ADHD. 

Monthly Newsletter:

Additionally we put out a newsletter with resources and humour centred around a monthly topic that relates to ADHD. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter you can do so here.

Other Events: 

One of our plans is to host educational events for the local ADHD community. The COVID-19 situation has put these plans on hold for the time being, but we will revisit it at some point in the future.