Executive Function Junction

Saturdays from 11am-1pm

(new member orientation 10am-11am)

Those of us with ADHD know only too well how much of a struggle it can be to get
organized and get things done when you have executive function problems.

Each week we meet and help each other with goal-setting and accountability.
If you are new to the group please join the zoom meeting between 10-10:30am for a brief
orientation session where we will get you set up with a free Kanbanflow account.

The EFJ meetings start at 11:00am and the first order of business is
the weekly check-in after which you can either:

Join the discussion group where we talk about various topics and strategies
and help each other tackle the challenge of getting stuff done... on time.
Step into the Quiet (Zoom) Room for some body doubling while you work.

This group is new and will adapt over time based on the needs of our members, so if you are interested please stop by and check it out!

Starting Soon

General Adult ADHD Support Groups

Do you or a loved one have ADHD?

Do you just have questions about ADHD?

We are a friendly, welcoming, and non-judging group of adults with ADHD

who would like to support you in your ADHD journey.

In Person
Adult ADHD Support Group

In-person support group meets 

every Wednesday at 7:30pm

178 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown

Adult ADHD Support Group

ZOOM meetings every

Wednesday at 7:30pm

ADHD Parents Support Group

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Parenting children with ADHD (especially if you have ADHD) makes it even harder, and COVID-19 does not help.

We have heard your requests for a Parent Support Group and we need your HELP!


Please complete this voluntary, confidential survey to help ADHD PEI establish

a support group for parents by parents of children with ADHD.