Founder's Fundraising Campaign

Since September of 2018 a small but dedicated crew have been building ADHD PEI. Things started slowly at first, with us mostly just helping each other find tools to get through the day. Then we grew and brought others along by establishing an active Facebook group, hosting regular events, and creating a website. We’ve been consistently holding in-person and online peer support groups for adults with ADHD for over two years now. We were a little sapling just peeking out of the soil surviving on hope and grit, funded solely by the time, sweat, and money donated by our small crew, but now we are starting to outgrow our planter box. 


We’ve always had a positive impact on the lives of those who knew about us, but what worked with 10 people won’t necessarily work with 100 or 1000. In the first quarter of 2021 alone our newsletter subscription rate and Facebook group have each grown by close to 25%, and we’ve seen a steady rise in attendance to our group meetings. 45 Parents participated in a survey requesting our help to support them and their children with ADHD and informing the development of our new parents support group. 


If you are reading this you likely know what it is like to struggle and have no idea where to get help, how to get a diagnosis, or what to do once you’ve been diagnosed. There is a lot of misinformation out there and not a lot of accessible support. Add the stigma associated with ADHD and endless self-help gurus ready to sell you on the next thing that is going to fix your failures and it can be a disheartening experience. ADHD PEI is dedicated to creating the support systems that we ourselves were unable to find. Our mission is to make PEI a place where people with ADHD are accepted, understood and able to thrive through education, awareness and peer support!


But we simply cannot do it alone. That is where you come in. 


In March we held a kickoff event for our Founders Campaign with a screening of the documentary ‘ADD and Loving it?!’. Between now and October we will be organizing educational events, fundraisers, and trying to increase our reach and exposure. We hope that you can get involved and help us get this sapling planted in the ground properly, with roots that go deep. 


Over the next few weeks we will share our fundraising goals as well as information about how those funds will be used to further grow our organization, such as insurance, funds for training, and bringing in ADHD experts and speakers. Those who are able to contribute financially to our organization at this time will literally be helping us lay a foundation for this organization, hence we are calling it the Founders Campaign.


If you are not able to support us financially you can still help! We need your voice, your passion, your talents, your failures, your ability to support and sustain one another through difficulty.  Even if you don’t have ADHD yourself we still welcome your help. We need neurotypical allies who might have a knack for data, or grammar, or managing details and time and balance out some of our ADHD energy. If this sounds like you or someone you know please reach out. We will find a place for you, even if we may forget where we put you occasionally!


~ Sandy Slade

Executive Director of ADHD PEI

Fundraising Goals:

Check back here for more details about this campaign and our specific fundraising goals!


Event Updates

March 27, 2021: 

To kick off our Founder's Event ADHD PEI held a screening of "ADD & Loving It?!" at City Cinema in Charlottetown with an informative Q&A period afterward. At the same time we had a free screening of the documentary as a live event from our Facebook page. We are grateful to TotallyADD for helping to make this event possible!