ADHD ReWired

Podcast and community

An excellent podcast to start with is #150: I don't know how to tell you this, this is ADHD

How to ADHD (Jessica McCabe)

Youtube channel that deals with topics important to ADHD in nice, bite-sized videos

ADHD Dude (Ryan Wexelblatt)

Another great YouTube channel that has some specific advice for and about boys with ADHD

Center for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC)

A great resource for Canadians with ADHD

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA)

A resource geared more toward research in ADHD


Dr. Russell Barkley

Dr. Barkley is a clinical psychologist who is an internationally recognized authority on ADHD/ADD

Below is a good video to introduce him, and also a good one for non-ADHD family members to watch in order to better understand what is going on (it is a portion of a talk he gave to parents of children with ADHD).

ADDitude Magazine

An online publication dealing with all things ADHD

They host periodic webinars on interesting topics related to ADHD (free of charge)

Bridge the Gapp

Bridge the Gapp is an online mental health resource for adults and youth in PEI


Dr. David Wong

Dr. Wong is a local ADHD specialist who has a blog full of great information on his blog. You can be referred to Dr. Wong's practice through your regular physician.

PEI Mental Health Walk-in Clinics

The mental health walk-in clinics cannot prescribe medications or make referrals to a psychiatrist of psychologist, but they can be a great resource for crisis intervention/management.

PEI Medical Walk-in Clinics

If you do not have a family physician you can seek care through medical walk-in clinics, they can prescribe medication and make referrals but it is at the attending physician's discretion.

Psychological Association of PEI

This organization maintains a list of psychologists in PEI which can be helpful if you need to find a psychologist and do not have a family doctor to refer you.

Behavioural Support Team for Children

This resource can help you with managing your ADHD child


The COVID-19 pandemic is a stress and disruption for everyone, but for those of us with ADHD there are some particular reasons it may be difficult to cope. We've assembled a collection of external resources that we think may be helpful to you:


CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association COVID Resources)

CADDAC (Center for ADHD Awareness Canada)

CHADD (CHildren and Adults with ADD)

Financial assistance for Islanders affected by COVID-19



If you have other good resources that you've found please share them on our Facebook page!