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Here you will find a collection of ADHD and mental health related resources that are specifically relevant to people based in Prince Edward Island.

PEICA - Find a Counsellor

Prince Edward Island Counselling Association (PEICA)

This organization can help you find a counsellor in PEI.

Ask Dr. Wong - Blog

Dr. David Wong |

Dr. Wong is a local ADHD specialist on Prince Edward Island who has a blog full of great information. After specializing in ADHD during his career as a pediatrician, Dr. Wong is now semi-retired and focuses on diagnosing and supporting adults with ADHD.

PEI Mental Health Walk-in Clinics

PEI Medical Walk-in Clinics Provincial Government of Prince Edward Island

Mental health walk-in clinics offer immediate mental health support to help with anxiety, as well as life events causing stress and other mental health issues.

Note: The mental health walk-in clinics cannot prescribe medications or make referrals to a psychiatrist of psychologist, but they can be a great resource for crisis intervention/management.

Bridge the Gapp

Bridge the Gapp is an online mental health resource for adults and youth in Prince Edward Island.

PEI Medical Walk-in Clinics

Provincial Government of Prince Edward Island

If you do not have a family physician, you can seek care through medical walk-in clinics. They can prescribe medication and make referrals, but prescriptions and referrals are at the attending physician's discretion.

PEI Gov - Behavioural Support Team for Children

Provincial Government of Prince Edward Island

A team of professionals on Prince Edward Island called the Behavioural Support Team have specialized expertise in delivering treatment to children with disruptive behaviour disorders. The team includes a psychologist, social workers, and a youth worker.

The Behavioural Support Team works with children, families, guardians and other systems including day cares, schools, group homes across Prince Edward Island. Behavioural support is offered to help children aged 4-12 who have moderate to severe behavioural difficulties

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