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How You can Help!

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support us financially

Become a recognized supporter of the Founding of ADHD PEI starting at $100.

consider volunteering!

Alternatively, we always welcome the help of those with ADHD or our neurotypical allies and would gladly put your skills, voice and energy to work!

Some example volunteer positions we would welcome:

  1. Healthcare support database researcher

  2. Promotional materials designer

  3. Healthcare support outreach volunteer

  4. Accounting volunteer

  5. Operational policy volunteer

  6. Public engagement volunteer

  7. FAQ volunteer


The Fundraising Campaign For 
Founding ADHD PEI

ADHD PEI is dedicated to creating the support systems that we ourselves were unable to find. Our mission is to make PEI a place where people with ADHD are accepted, understood and able to thrive through education, awareness and peer support! But we simply cannot do it alone. That is where you come in. 


To grow our organization and succeed in our vision we need funds and volunteers. Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year, and you can find a breakdown of what those funds will be used for below.

~ Sandy Slade

Executive Director of ADHD PEI

Fundraising Goals

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to maintain and grow ADHD PEI. A rough breakdown of where these funds will go is as follows:​


for Startup and Administrative costs

  • Non-profit registration

  • Bank fees

  • Insurance

  • Accounting and legal fees

  • Maintenance of the website

  • Software and supplies for peer support meetings


for Training of staff and volunteers


for Recruitment of experts to provide education, give presentations or run workshops. 


for Development and Implementation of Educational Programming

If you would like more detailed information about our budget please contact us! 

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